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RT @ProjectBuddy: Our thoughts are with those affected by the explosions in Manchester. Concerts should be a place where people can feel sa…
5 hours ago Follow Us - @carø
I am so so sad what happened in Manchester my thoughts are with you. Concerts should be a safe place, it hurts to see this
5 hours ago Follow Us - @carø
RT @topupdating: Rest In Peace to those that lost their lives at @ArianaGrande's show in Manchester tonight. Music is meant to be safe. Thi…
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RT @ohmisbeliever: I fucking love Tyler Joseph so much and I'm so proud of him and Josh and they deserve every good thing in the world
5 hours ago Follow Us - @carø
@tylerrjoseph we all loved it. if you want you can do this every time again and you can talk about everything you want we would just listen
6 hours ago Follow Us - @carø
@tylerrjoseph I needed this right now. thank you for everything we will always be there for you guys
6 hours ago Follow Us - @carø
RT @tylerrarchive: What tyler said during the livestream (via @tyIerjcseph) https://t.co/E9pBpgzJbF
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@topupdating @TOP_Poland THANK YOU OMG
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